Institut Français de Birmanie 

Institut français de Birmanie (formerly Alliance Française de Rangoun) was created in 1961. The main objective of Institut français is to promote cultural diversity through French language courses and artistic events. It aims at providing high-quality French courses to the Myanmar public. Its ambition is also to be a place of creation and cultural encounters for the Myanmar artists, which are always very welcome to perform there, occasionally with artists coming from France.

This is the only cultural centre that offers a steady artistic program with one or two events per month, from September to June. Among the recurring events are the Yangon Photo Festival, the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Performance, the Music Festival, the “Jazz Bliss” International Festival and the European Film Festival.

Currently, what is Institut français de Birmanie doing?
Institut français de Birmanie offers a huge variety of French courses according to our public’s needs. We can provide general French language courses for a 3-month period for beginners or a 10-month cursus for pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced and superior levels. We can also propose special French courses (Tourism French, French for children, Business French …). The students can also join some clubs (Music, Literature, Scrabble…) to practice French while having fun. The library proposes a wide range of  books, magazines, DVDs and CDs in French. We organize two events every month, in a huge variety of fields (music, painting, photography, conferences, cinema etc.).