WORLD PRESS PHOTO: 6×6 Global Talent Program

Exhibition From February 21 to March 11 | Myanmar Deitta Gallery

Opening | 21 February 2020 

The 6X6 Global Talent Program aims to connect visual storytellers, who may not yet be well known outside of their own region, to a global audience. It spotlights 6 visual storytellers from 6 regions. This year, one of the Southeast Asia and Oceania Talents is Myanmar photographer Ko Myo. Since 2015, he has made repeated journeys into remote jungles across the country to document Myanmar’s battle to save its elephants. A winner of multiple awards at Yangon Photo Festival, Ko Myo brings us to the heart of the fight against cruel poaching, where elephants are shot with poison darts before being skinned or decapitated for their tusks.