U THAN MAUNG The No.1 Amateur Photographer

Exhibition From February 18 to March 4 | Maha Bandoola Park

Opening | 18 February 2019

U THAN MAUNGThe No.1 Amateur Photographer

Curated by Lukas Birk (Myanmar Photo Archive)

U Than Maung (1918–1992) was one of the founders of the Burmese Photographic Society (card member No.1), one of Myanmar’s most important amateur photographers.He understood that the events of his lifetime had to be documented for future generations. Sadly, most of his material from before independence has been lost. The images presented in this exhibition and the accompanying bookshow a devastating and yet hopeful period in Myanmar’s history. U Than Maung’s love for his family and kinsmen are depicted in many of his wonderful portraits. His craftsmanship in the darkroom, along with his artistic colouring skills, was also remarkable.