TO WEAR A HIJAB OR NOT? – Dwinda Nur Oceani

Exhibition From February 22 to March 11 | Maha Bandoola Park

Opening | 22 February 2020

By Dwinda Nur Oceani

Indonesian photographer Dwinda Nur Oceani, like many Muslim women in her
country, wears a hijab – a headscarf to cover her hair – as a sign of modesty and a
symbol of her faith. Muslim women in Indonesia are required to wear a hijab only in
Aceh province. “In the rest of the archipelago, they have the choice to wear it or not,
but the number who wear it is steadily increasing,” Dwinda explains. “Unconsciously,
the hijab has become a norm in our society: a benchmark for faith, beauty and
politeness. It should not be forgotten that wearing a hijab is a personal choice.
Through my lens and interviews, I have documented the reasons behind these
choices, including the women who have chosen to stop wearing it.”