Exhibition From February 22 to March 11 | Maha Bandoola Park

Opening | 22 February 2020

By Hkun Lat

In the narrow no man’s land between their positions on the frontline in Northern Kachin State, some Myanmar Army and KIA soldiers have built a hut together. They call it the ‘Peace House’. There, they drink, exchange food and take photos together. ‘If we shoot our guns, we don’t want to see bullets come from their barrels but white roses instead,’ KIA Captain La Hkam says. Over 100,000 people among the one million Kachin have been displaced since fighting between the military and the KIA resumed in 2011 after a 17-year cease-fire pact broke down. This photo story, reminiscent of the fraternisation of enemy soldiers over the Christmas period during World War 1, was awarded first prize at Yangon Photo Festival in 2019.