Franck Seguin/Bureau233

Exhibition From February 21 to March 11 | Railway Station / Dala Ferry

Opening | 21 February 2020

By Guillaume Néry & Franck Seguin

The holder of numerous world free diving records, Guillaume Néry became famous when he starred in a Beyoncé video. Together with another Frenchman, photographer Franck Seguin, he now seeks to raise public awareness about the fragility of our oceans. These strikingly beautiful images are a plea to protect our planet and a vivid reminder that every living creature depends on the water world. The rivers, seas and oceans contain an astounding diversity of life and affect everything from global weather patterns to food systems. They cover more than two-thirds of the Earth and are the only place left for us to discover: 95% of the world’s oceans have not yet been explored.