Adressing climate change – Lucie Fondation

Exhibition From February 22 to March 11 | Maha Bandoola Park

Opening | 22 February 2020

A collective exhibition curated by Hossein Farmani and Susan/Lucie Foundation

We have called upon the most renowned photographers who have dedicated their lives to document melting icebergs, drought, floods, waste and air pollution and the undeniable effects they have had on our planet. It is a condensed, compassionate plea, through their lenses, of the effects of climate change. Their images may be startlingly beautiful, which can complicate the horrific message they convey, but look beyond the amazing artistry and try to understand the subliminal ideas within these framedworks. Bravo to these brilliant image-makers who challenge us with their documentary record of what is taking place. We have been humbled by their clarity and consistent endeavor to keep shouting to the world to ‘do something’.