AYEYARWADY – Isabelle Ha Eav

Exhibition From February 19 to March 6 | Goethe Villa

Opening | 19 February 2020 

By Isabelle Ha Eav

The Ayeyarwady is the backbone of Myanmar – its historical heart as well as its breadbasket. From its source to the delta, the 2200-kilometre-long river lies entirely within the country’s borders. One of only two free rivers (i.e., without dams) in Asia, the river has undergone great changes in recent years due to the increase in population and energy needs. It is now threatened. Dams have been built on its tributaries and plantations have led to the deforestation of large areas. In 2000, around 50% of the Ayeyarwady basin was still covered by forests, but almost 10% of these forests have since been destroyed – the equivalent of 1000 square kilometres per year (more than twice the region of