Gymnasium    |    Dec 22,  2017 5pm 

Shan State photographers will compete for the Best Shan State Photo-StoryAwards. Their works will be screened in the Gym in front of the public and a jury of personalities. Prizes such as Canon cameras will be awarded.

///// MYANMAR STORIES ///// 

Gymnasium  | Dec 23, 5 pm

Open-Air screening of powerful photo-stories by famous Myanmar and international photographers. These stories have been seen by millions of people on www.facebook.com/myanstories/

///// BURMA FRONTIER PHOTOGRAPHS 1918-1935 /////

Aung San Park | Dec 22 to Jan 4

James Henry Green was a British officer who travelled to the most remote regions of Burma between the two world wars. This documentary work is a unique visual catalogue of Burma’s exceptional ethnic diversity. This collection is housed in The Royal Pavilion, Libraries and Museums, Brighton, UK.

///// YANGON FASHION 1979 /////

Aung San Park | Dec 22 to Jan 4

Curated by Lukas Birk, this exhibition offers a rare insight into the fashion of 1970s in Burma. Founded in Yangon by Har Si Yone in 1969, the studio has been family run ever since and is still active today.

Join us for the opening weekend of the 1st Shan State Photo Festival. For the first time, Taungyi Gymnasium and Aung San Park will welcome Photo-story screenings and prestigious Exhibitions.

Come discover and get a tour of breathtaking portraits of Myanmar: from James Henry Green’s ethnic portraits in the 1920s, Fashion shots of Yangon in the 70s by Bellay Studio/Collection Lukas Birk to the exceptional work of Günter Pfannmüller in the 80s.